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We are a group of experienced doctors and life science professionals with a wealth of enthusiasm for our work.  We are adaptable, accessible and carefully tailor our expertise to our clients’ needs.


We pride ourselves on being good people to work with and clients always have access to our most senior team members.

For us, every single project matters.

Our Expertise

LUCENT is unique in its depth of experience in translating R&D assets into commercial success.

Our team-members are drawn from the smartest, most insightful and incisive in the industry.

Our Commitment to Results

Operating at the interface of R&D and commercialisation, our clients trust us to increase their chance of success in bringing their new medicine to market and maximising its potential.

Our Philosophy

We believe there is no greater undertaking than working to improve health and wellbeing. We support life science companies across the world, helping to successfully bring medical innovations to patients faster. 

Our Experience

Our team members have spent decades in both large pharma and small biotech. We’re not like other consultancies: we only work in Medical, which gives us first-hand experience of the challenges you face bringing your medicine to market.

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