There is no greater undertaking than working to improve human health and wellbeing through the development of medicines and related health-technologies. 


Our passion lies in how our client partners bring these innovations into the world.​


We turn our passion into reality by creating a new, future-focused way of bringing medicines into the European market.

our story

LUCENT biopharma was born out of the natural coming-together of Europe's best domain experts in their fields.

In biopharma, like everything - excellent people like to work with excellent people.

Starting with medical and marketing, and growing into the LUCENT 5-D approach, including Market Access, Field Medical and Omnichannel - LUCENT represents the very best people, thinking and approach available in Europe.

We believe that incredible things happen when you clear a path for people who share a passion.

That’s why we’ve built our delivery team around a core, five domain delivery team with complete freedom to operate.


No constraints -  just focused, agile delivery of your commercial objectives.