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medical affairs recruitment and training


Our Services

We know the best Medics in the biopharma industry and their specific areas of strength.

We therefore work with businesses who are hiring Chief Medical Officers, Medical Directors and Medical teams to identify the ideal candidates and then support the business in the hiring, onboarding and mentoring phase.


Proven track record

Our unique approach uses our extensive global network of industry medics to find the most exceptional candidate for your medical team.


We support hiring only when we have a deep understanding of the department into which the new hire will fit - including structure, culture, people and personalities.


We know exactly what excellence in the medical department looks like - both now and in the future - and we hire against this vision. 

Added Value

Uniquely, we spend time with you at the beginning of the process to review your entire department and understand its future plans to ensure the perfect fit.


We then help onboard your chosen hire, for the fastest, most successful start possible.

We support hiring in the following roles

Chief Medical Officers

Medical Directors

Medical Advisors

MSLs and Field Medical Managers

Our clients trust us to find the best people in the industry: innovative, accomplished, future-thinkers ready to take on the important work of your Medical Affairs department.

Every hire is important to us. You’ll find our approach professional, enthusiastic and backed by solid first-hand expertise.

Image by Beatriz Pérez Moya
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