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LUCENT biopharma

LUCENT biopharma is a medically-led consultancy that supports biotech and pharma companies in the development and market-implementation of their medicines.


Our clients trust us to increase their chance of success in bringing their new medicine to market, maximising its commercial potential when it arrives, shortening timelines and decreasing risks as we do.

LUCENT is unique in its depth of experience in translating R&D assets into commercial success: from the design and conduct of clinical trials, planning and submission of regulatory dossiers, engagement with reimbursement authorities and leading medico-marketing launch plans.

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Years of Industry Experience

Our team members have spent decades in both large pharma and small biotech. We have first-hand experience of the challenges you face bringing your medicine to market.

Excellence in Delivery

From high-level strategic planning to tactical delivery, we offer a flexible approach to support your projects.

Shortening Timelines &
De-Risking Projects

We help our clients de-risk projects and shorten timelines, helping to successfully bring medicines to patients faster. 

Medical & Commercial Insight

We are uniquely placed to  operate at the interface of R&D and commercialisation.

Therapy Areas

Neurology and CNS


Metabolism & Endocrinology

Urology & Gastroenterology 


Orphan & Rare Diseases


Nutrition & Weight Loss

Oncology & Haematology




From clinical development through regulatory and reimbursement, to launch planning and medico-marketing, LUCENT biopharma's expert team specialise in supporting your medicine on it's journey to market.

Our team-members are drawn from the smartest, most insightful and most incisive in the industry.

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